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About the Union of Scranton

The Union of Scranton: A Union of Churches in Communion with the Polish National Catholic Church.

The Union of Scranton is a union of Churches and their bishops governing them that is determined to maintain and pass on the Catholic faith, worship, and essential structure of the Undivided Church of the first millennium.

The Union of Scranton finds its origins in the development of the Union of Utrecht on September 24, 1889, at Utrecht, Holland. There a determination was made and recorded in three documents that formed the Convention of Utrecht: the “Declaration,” the “Agreement,” and the “Regulations” (Statutes). The full communion of the Churches found its expression and was evident in the bishops uniting to form a Bishops’ Conference, which other bishops later joined.

Since the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) continues to hold the Declaration of Utrecht as a normative document of faith, the development of the Union of Scranton follows a similar design.

The Union of Scranton emerged because certain member Churches of the Union of Utrecht unilaterally began to ordain women to the Priesthood and to bless same-sex unions in opposition to Holy Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the Undivided Church. 

Since November 20, 2003 the PNCC is neither in communion, nor affiliated with the Churches of the Union of Utrecht.

Union of Scranton Bishops Group Photo
Union of Scranton - Member Bishops

The Union of Scranton confesses the Catholic faith as articulated by the first seven Ecumenical Councils and expressed throughout the Undivided Church.  The Declaration of Scranton affirms the principles of the Declaration of Utrecht, which was formulated in response to the decrees of Vatican Council I.  Each declaration acknowledges the historic precedence of the Bishop of Rome as primus inter pares, but rejects the papal dogmas of the said council and a number of other papal pronouncements that are at variance with the doctrine of the Ancient Church. Both declarations affirm faith in the essence and mystery of the Eucharist. 

Furthermore, the obligation of the Union of Scranton is to strive to overcome the divisions in the Church and, based on the faith of the Undivided Church, to restore unity and communion with other Churches.

Member Churches

Polish National Catholic Church (

Nordic Catholic Church (


Member Bishops

The Most Rev. Anthony Mikovsky,
President of the International Catholic Bishops Conference
Prime Bishop, Polish National Catholic Church 

The Most Rev. Roald Nikolai Flemestad
Bishop of the Nordic Catholic Church 

The Most Rev. Ottar Michael Myrseth 
Bishop of the Nordic Catholic Church 

The Rt. Rev. John Mack
Bishop of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese, Polish National Catholic Church 

The Rt. Rev. Bernard Nowicki
Bishop of the Central Diocese, Polish National Catholic Church 

The Rt. Rev. Jaroslav Rafalko
Bishop of the Western Diocese, Polish National Catholic Church 

The Rt. Rev. Paul Sobiechowski
Bishop of the Eastern Diocese, Polish National Catholic Church


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